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US Ambassador, Donald Wright Visit SUGECO

‘Am pleased to see that the youth have been empowered in different fields and now they are back home starting their own business giving back to their communities. We will continue working with SUGECO in other aspects such as the tourism industry. I understand the hospitality industry is rapidly growing, this is an area where young people need training as well’’ Ambassador Wright said

Since 2018 SUGECO has sent over 226 youth graduates from different Universities in the United States of America for an Agribusiness Internship Program to work with different companies so that they can get hands-on skills. 

Speaking during the handing over certificates event to the intern returnees from the US earlier this week the Executive Director of SUGECO Revocatus Kimario said that, ‘‘the worthiness, of the program, its contribution and the benefit gained, has enhanced to address the skill gap for our graduates beyond expectations. It has contributed largely to the country’s priorities in developing competent human resources in agribusiness’’

‘‘We are undoubtedly very impressed by the hands-on support received from the US government in bridging the skills gap to our youth in Tanzania” He added