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SUGECO Internship Program expanded to Denmark in response to the needs for building skills and competencies for students and young graduates in the Agricultural Sector

In January 2023, The Executive Director of the Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) Mr. Revocatus Kimario announced that SUGECO is expanding its internship program to Denmark and the program is expected to reach over 400 students per year. This expansion will help directly address the challenges of skills mismatch in the employment sector.

Mr. Kimario said this during the farewell event for 56 continuing students from the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) who are departing to Denmark for an 18-month Internship Program coordinated by SUGECO. The event was graced by the Representative from Higher Learning Institutions from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Othman Mohamed, SUGECO Board Chair Dr. Anna Temu, Representative from the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness of SUA and the Vice Chair of the Board Dr. Fulgence Mishili, 

He added that SUGECO has already sent youth graduates to Israel and the United States to help them acquire the necessary skills that will help them share and learn new ideas, and modern technologies, grow their careers, and acceptability in the employment industry. 

Dr. Mohamed commended SUGECO for its programs and services that support the youth in terms of skills development, career growth and expose them to different opportunities, especially in the Agricultural Sector. He added that the Government is very supportive of the internship program and implored the students who are departing to Denmark to use the opportunity to grasp skills that will be beneficial to them and the Nation.

Since 2015, Over 900 graduates have benefited from the SUGECO Internship program where 400 of them have been placed in Israel, 420 in the United States of America, and the 56 continuing students currently being placed in Denmark.

This program will accommodate youths from Universities, Ministry of Agriculture Training Institutes (MATI’s), and Livestock Training Institutes (LITAs).

SUGECO has helped the students with the application process which consists of rigorous stages such as completion of the application forms, quality assurance checks, placement assurance, interview process, and the processes incorporated into the VISA application.

 Photo: A representative from Higher Learning Institutions from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Othman Mohamed (second left), SUGECO Board Chair Dr. Anna Temu (second right), The Vice Chair of the SUGECO Board Dr. Fulgence Mishili (First right), Representative from Department of Agribusiness (SUA) Dr. Felix Nandonde, SUGECO Team and few students who are departing for internship program Denmark.