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Farm Management and Consultancy


Aside from the basic services that SUGECO provides to its members and partners, SUGECO also aims to create a network of landowners and potential farmworkers seeking farm management advice from agronomists, horticulturists, and other agriculture experts. By connecting them to the graduates of Sokoine University DAEA, SUGECO fills in the gaps in the wider agriculture ecosystem resulting in more successful businesses along agricultural and agribusiness value chains throughout Tanzania.


Starting an agricultural enterprise or modifying changes in your current farm can be risky and can affect profitability. To mitigate or completely avoid these risks, SUGECO provides consultancy services to help members and clients to:

-Keep themselves at pace with the current technologies/developments in agriculture;

-Create the best environment to maximize resources and get optimal results; and

-Maintain strong environmental compliance aligned to the Tanzanian FDA requirements.

SUGECO can customize the construction of appropriate facilities and technologies based on facts, science, decades of experience, and innovation. Recommendations also come with necessary trainings coordinated by SUGECO to maintain and manage the new technologies.

SUGECO also prides itself on expertise in a wide range of agriculture, environmental, and food technology techniques that can be set up depending on the needs and requirements of the clients and members:



-Solar Dryers

-Drip Irrigation Systems

-Farm Management Skills


-Dams and Fishing

-Water Testing/Water Management

-Livestock Houses

-Rainwater Harvesting


-Charcoal Cooler

-Charcoal Firewood


-Integrated Puree