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Membership Benefits


Joining SUGECO provides you with important and valuable benefits:

Individual members have access to several benefits including but not limited to:

-Subsidized capacity building courses on a variety of agriculture, agribusiness, and entrepreneurship topics;

-Land space at the SUGECO Morogoro site at highly subsidized rates;

-Free technical support and mentoring on product development and marketing;

-SUGECO’s innovative “incubation” program;

-11-month internship program in Israel and the United States;

-Financial services including assistance in writing business plans and liaising with financial institutions;

-Networking opportunities through access to a wide network of successful SUGECO members.

For our associate members, we provide:

-Opportunities for collaboration in applied research and development within the agricultural and agribusiness sectors;

-Opportunities to  assess challenges and implement interventions and solutions in the agriculture/agribusiness sector;      

-Opportunities to engage in dialogue and advocacy to transform the business environment into one that supports youth entrepreneurship;

-Opportunities to network, collaborate and develop projects partnerships to strengthen entrepreneurship within the agricultural sector

SUGECO provides our corporate members with the following key benefits:

-Creating business opportunities by introducing our alumni. SUGECO members can become clients, partners, or buyers for your company’s business services and/or products.

-We equip high potential entrepreneurs with new technologies that facilitate a high return on investment from entrepreneurial enterprises in agriculture; 

-We then link entrepreneurs with the private sector, and support business enterprise growth and development;

-For financial institutions, we help generate a new client base through various financial arrangements with the public and private sectors; 

-Finally, we contribute to the creation of an enabling environment for agribusiness through advocacy, lobbying, and partnership development.